Volume 6: 2010

Issue: 02

Pages 3-9

Péter Ákos Bod

The IMF, the EU and the Sovereign Borrower: the Case of Hungary 2008-2010 Download article

Pages 11-18

Anikó Csepregi, Zoltán Gaál, Nóra Obermayer-Kovács, Lajos Szabó

Successful Knowledge Management an Knowledge Sharing in Hungarian Enterprises Download article

Pages 19-25

Oto Hudec

Regional Systems - How to Make Them Work? Download article

Pages 27-30

Oleksandra Kosenko

Development of Dynamic and Comparative Functions of Estimation of Innovative Potential Download article

Pages 31-35

Levente Kovács

New Model of Current Account Balances Download article

Pages 37-47

Tamás Jónás, János Kövesi, Zsuzsanna Eszter Tóth

Separating the Measurement and Evaluation of Intellectual Capital Elements with Evaluator Functions Download article

Pages 49-55

Dariusz Kusz

The Level of Investment Layout in European Union Farms Download article

Pages 57-61

Olga Ivanivna Maslak

The Consequences of the Diversity of Innovation Development in Industry Download article

Pages 63-68

Ivan Gladenko, Petro Pererva, Karin Schimpf

Monitoring of Efficiency of Innovative Activity of Industrial Enterprise Download article

Pages 69-76

Frank Ryll, Michael Schenk

Empirically Based Asset Management Decision Support for Reliable and Cost Effective Asset Operation Download article

Pages 77-85

Omer Faraj S. Amaitiek, Vincent Soltés

The Short Put Ladder Strategy and its Application in Trading and Hedging Download article

Pages 85-91

Darko Pantelic, Stevan Vasiljev

Pharmaceutical Market(ing): Theory and Reality Download article

Pages 93-100

József Benedek

Die demographische und wirtschaftliche Grundlagen einer integrierten Entwicklungspolitik in ländlichen Räumen Rumäniens Download article