Volume: 2010

Issue: 02


Zoltán Gaál, Lajos Szabó, Nóra Obermayer-Kovács, Anikó Csepregi

Article title:

Successful Knowledge Management an Knowledge Sharing in Hungarian Enterprises


Theory, Methodology, Practice





O32 D83



Some organizations failed to consider the relationship between knowledge management and
organizational culture, and the cultural factors that impacted effective knowledge management
initiatives. These organizations face challenges when implementing knowledge management
initiatives. They should find ways to integrate knowledge management into their strategic vision,
build a knowledge sharing culture that supports knowledge management and motivate employees
to support these initiatives. The International Mapping of Knowledge Sharing Excellence Research
has shown that there are differences in the maturity of knowledge sharing of managers within
different culture types comparing the period before and during the crisis. It can be seen that it
would be useful for Hungarian organizations to move towards an Adhocracy culture type, that
concentrates on external positioning with high degree of flexibility and individuality and which
results in a high maturity of knowledge sharing.

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