Volume: 2010

Issue: 02


Olga Ivanivna Maslak

Article title:

The Consequences of the Diversity of Innovation Development in Industry


Theory, Methodology, Practice





O33, O31, O52



It is well known that when high economic growth rates are not supported by the diversity of the
economy and the faster development of human capital, then the economic growth efficiency will
be understated [1].
Unfortunately, lately and nowadays only one direction of innovation activity prevails in Ukraine.
This is the adoption of new technological means with the purpose to increase the range of goods.
But the creation of new technologies within the enterprise is considered to be of secondary
importance. This results in negative consequences, namely in a decrease in long-range innovation
development, loss of quality and level of novelty, also a redistribution of proportions of the present
scientific and technological potential in industry and an insufficient level of innovation in economic
entities. This is significant when buying scientific and technical achievements, as Ukrainian
commodity producers prefer licenses to use the objects of industrial property that are native
elaborations on known technologies, which is explained by their lower price.
Thus, evidently the process of the diversification of industrial innovation development can be
positive in direction but may vary according to the results of the influence of economy, nature and

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