Volume: 2002

Issue: 01


Ildikó Pelczné Gáll, Ágnes Tokár-Szadai

Article title:

Business Consulting in a Hungarian County


Theory, Methodology, Practice







Our institution has made a survey among consulting firms and enterprises using consultations, enterprises not using consultations, but planning to do so and those not using and not planning to use any consultations. In the survey 362 enterprises from B.-A.-Z. county and 83 consulting firms participated chosen by representative sampling. In the article we demonstrate that half of the respondents have used or been planning to use the service in B.-A.-Z county After evaluating the survey we can establish that the most important reason why entrepreneurs turn to consultants is the special knowledge and experiment of the expert in the given region. The most important consulting area is still the accounting and finance in our county, but in the near future the forging ahead of strategic, IT and the sales-marketing areas can be expected. The complexity of the offered service, the personal relationship and the undertaking deadline appear as the most important criteria of choosing the consultants.

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