Volume 8: 2012

Issue: 02

Pages 5-10

Csilla Margit Csiszár

Factors Affecting the Public Judgement of Consumer Protection Authorities Download article

Pages 11-16

Beáta Fodor

Estimation of Social Benefits in Cost-benefit Analysis Download article

Pages 17-22

Gyula Fülöp

Corporate Sustainability and Managerial Competencies Download article

Pages 23-30

Bettina Hódi Hernádi

Green Accounting for Corporate Sustainability Download article

Pages 31-36

Mária Illés

Links Between Net Present Value and Shareholder Value from a Business Economics Perspective Download article

Pages 37-43

Ágnes Kádár Horváth

Barriers to a Real Competitive Business Environment on the Liberalised Energy Market Download article

Pages 44-50

Edit Lukács

The Analysis of SME Growth Potential in the Northern-Hungarian Region Download article

Pages 51-59

Péter Sasvári

A Conceptual Framework for Definition of the Correlation Between Company Size Categories and the Proliferation of Business Information Systems in Hungary Download article

Pages 60-67

Dezső Szakály

Technology Transfer: An Efficient Means of Knowledge Flow Download article

Pages 68-75

Károly Norbert Kerekes, Krisztina Szegedi

Challenges of Responsible Supply Chain Management Download article

Pages 76-80

Erika Szilágyi Fülöp

The Business Federation of the Chambers of Trade and Commerce in Hungary Download article

Pages 81-87

Klára Szűcs Markovics

A Comprehensive Review of Scientific Literature on Methods for Determining Discount Rates in Corporate Practices Download article

Pages 88-94

Ágnes Tokár-Szadai

Tendencies in the European and Hungarian Management Consulting Market Download article

Pages 95-100

Tamás Nándor Tógyer

Characteristics of Arable Land Valuation in Hungary Download article