Volume: 2012

Issue: 02


Erika Szilágyi Fülöp

Article title:

The Business Federation of the Chambers of Trade and Commerce in Hungary


Theory, Methodology, Practice




chambers of trade and commerce, business federation, the representation of interests, public institutions





In Hungary, before joining the European Union, great stress was laid on the study of the intermediate or “mezzo” sphere between the policy and the economy, which had also covered the topic of the chambers of trade and commerce. Nowadays these institutions are in focus again because the increasingly smaller participation of the government in the economy would require the presence of the chambers’ corporation to provide help in the business-related affairs of the country. For this reason I deal with the specific characteristics of each chamber model, the establishment of the Hungarian chamber system, its history and its present tasks. Being familiar with all these aspects, it is clear that its role in the development of economy (especially in the field of ventures) and some administrative rights has been beyond question in the past and continues to be so in the present. A model in my empirical study about the role of a chamber is also presented, which aims to investigate the needs for and use of services provided by the chamber among enterprises of different sizes, so their existence is indispensible.

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