Volume 9: 2013

Issue: 01

Pages 7-15

Alzbeta Ádámová

Health Forecasting in Europe Download article

Pages 17-21

László Barna

Assessing the Importance of Project Management Soft Competencies in an IT and Telecommunication Company Download article

Pages 23-30

Noémi Hajdú

Strategic and Operative Marketing Controlling Download article

Pages 31-41

Ágnes Hegyi-Kéri

Regional Specialization and Geographic Concentration of Economic Sectors in the Visegrád Countries Download article

Pages 43-48

Péter Forgács, Beáta Horánszky

CO2 Pipeline Cost Calculations, Based on Different Cost Models Download article

Pages 49-55

Sándor Karajz

Micro- and Macroeconomic Models and Optimization Procedures Download article

Pages 57-62

Éva Ligetvári

Project Portfolio Management: A Pilot Survey on the Importance of 'Project Building Stones' of Corporate Life Download article

Pages 63-70

Róbert Marciniak

Human Resources in the Hungarian Shared Service Centers Download article

Pages 71-76

Mónika Orloczki

Does the European Union Walk on the Path of Sustainability? Download article

Pages 77-84

Tekla Sebestyén Szép

Eight Methods for Decomposing the Aggregate Energy Intensity of the Economic Structure Download article

Pages 85-90

Adrienn Takács Papp

The Age of the Welfare Revolution Download article

Pages 91-97

Mariann Veresné Somosi

From One to Two - A Possible Model of Organizational Development and Development of Organizational Capabilities Download article