Volume 10: 2014

Issue: 01

Pages 3-8

Piotr Gabrielczak, Tomasz Serwach

The Link between Firm-Level Productivity and Decisions to Export Download article

Pages 9-20

Aleksandra Gawel

Entrepreneurship in Relation to the Competitive Potential and Position of Economies Download article

Pages 21-32

Mária Illés

Fisher's Rate and Aggregate Capital Needs in Investment Decisions Download article

Pages 33-44

Ágnes Kádár Horváth

Complex Evaluation Model of Corporate Energy Management Download article

Pages 45-54

Wioletta Kilar, Tomasz Rachwal

Changing Role of Industry in the Economy in the V4 Countries Download article

Pages 55-62

Aleksandra Kosenko, Petro Pererva

Technological Market Conjuncture: Risk Assessment Commercialization of Intellectual Property Download article

Pages 63-69

Anastasiia Kolesnichenko, Sergey Mekhovich

The Choice of the Public-Private Partnership Model to Address Social and Economic Development of the State in the Context of a Competitive Environment with Uncertainty and Risks Download article

Pages 71-79

Andrea S. Gubik

The Role of Higher Education Institutions in the Entrepreneurship of Hungarian Students Download article

Pages 81-90

Piotr Trapczynski

Conventional or Atypical: FDI in the Internationalisation Process of Polish Firms Download article