Volume 7: 2011

Issue: 01

Pages 5-15

József Benedek, Ibolya Kurkó

Evolution and Characteristics of Territorial Economic Disparities in Romania Download article

Pages 17-27

Éva G. Fekete

Elements of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in the Hungarian Local Development Download article

Pages 29-34

Ágnes Hegyi-Kéri

The Role of Human Resources in the European Union's Growth Strategy from the Perspective of Hungarian Regional Inequalities Download article

Pages 35-40

György Kocziszky

Contributions to the Issue of Regional Economic Growth and Equilibrium Download article

Pages 41-50

Levente Kovács, Zsolt Pál

Hungarian Clearing Turnover in the Context of the Past Fifteen Years Download article

Pages 51-57

Dániel Kuttor

Spatial Effects of Industrial Restructuring in the Visegrád Countries Download article

Pages 59-65

Katalin Lipták

Employment Position in the Hungarian Least Developed Micro-regions (LHH) Download article

Pages 67-75

Zoltán Nagy, Tekla Sebestyén Szép

United States and China: Changing in World Economic Positions? Download article

Pages 77-83

Zsolt Péter

Study of the Utilisation of Commercial Accommodations with Special Regard to Northern Hungary and Northern Great Plain Download article

Pages 85-92

Judit Roncz, Klára Szita Tóthné

The Methodological Development of Regional Sustainability Analysis Download article

Pages 93-100

Eszter Siposné Nándori

Differences in the Characteristics of Impoverishment Between Northern Hungary and Southern Great Plain Download article