Volume: 2015

Issue: 02


Diana Corina Gligor-Cimpoieru

Article title:

Evaluating the HR Dimension of CSR in a Strategic Approach


Theory, Methodology, Practice




corporate social responsibility, human resources, strategic approach, evaluation instrument, stakeholders


M14, M54




For the past decades CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility – has captured the interest of practitioners and academics, but in spite of all of the CSR literature and CSR programs implemented, the concept is still intensively debated and not fully understood from its perspective of generating long-term benefits for both business organizations and their various stakeholders in a win-win strategic approach. An approach to CSR that is mainly philanthropic and focused on the image benefit, which we describe as traditional, is still dominant. In this context the Human Resources (HR) dimension of CSR tends to be overlooked as a less visible component of CSR initiatives, thus the potential CSR benefits that could be generated for employees and employers are not acknowledged. With this paper we aim at underlining the most important aspects of human resources management to take into consideration when designing CSR programmes dedicated to employees. We present a proposed evaluating instrument designed and tested inside a Romanian business organization.

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