Volume 12: 2016

Issue: 01

Pages 3-8

Katarzyna Appelt

Keynes' Theory of the Interest Rate: A Critical Approach Download article

Pages 9-18

Zoltán Bartha

Hungarian Energy Prices in an OECD Comparison Download article

Pages 19-26

Felicjan Bylok

The Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in Strategies of SMEs Download article

Pages 27-36

Ida Ercsey

Customer Participation: Mandatory or Voluntary Behaviour? Download article

Pages 37-45

Monika Gábriel

Green Supply Chain Management - Motivation, Methods and Expectations - in Hungarian Automotive Oems Download article

Pages 47-60

Mária Illés

The Real Reinvestment Rate Assumption as a Hidden Pitfall Download article

Pages 61-69

István Kovács, Ildikó Petruska

Analysis of Sectoral Features in Hungarian Accredited Innovation Clusters Download article

Pages 71-77

Klára Szűcs Markovics

Factors Affecting the Amount of Time Required to Prepare Investment Decisions in Hungarian Processing Industries Download article

Pages 79-88

Erzsébet Hetesi, Márton Vilmányi

The Effect of Dynamic Relationship Capabilities on B2B Lolyalty Download article