Volume 12: 2016

Issue: SI

Pages 5-13

Zoltán Bartha, László Molnár

The SLEM Model as an Assessment Method for Local Goods' Competitiveness Download article

Pages 14-25

Károly Balaton, József Benedek, György Kocziszky, Mariann Veresné Somosi

Generating and Measuring Regional Social Innovation Download article

Pages 26-40

Anita Demény, Zoltán Musinszki

Social Accounting - In the Wake of the Sustainability Download article

Pages 41-54

Éva G. Fekete

A Postmodern Employment Model on the Peripheries Download article

Pages 55-67

Mária Illés

Enterprise Models in Terms of Sustainability Download article

Pages 68-74

Mária Juhász Várkonyi

Challenges of Establishing and Operating Social Enterprises Download article

Pages 75-86

Katalin Nagy, István Piskóti

Route-Based Tourism Product Development as a Tool for Social Innovation: History Valley in the Cserehát Region Download article

Pages 87-93

Zoltán Nagy, Dóra Szendi, Géza Tóth

Opportunities for Adaptation of the Smart City Concept - A Regional Approach Download article