Volume 13: 2017

Issue: 01

Pages 3-7

Katarzyna Appelt

Mises' Incomplete Theory of the Value of Money Download article

Pages 9-16

László Berényi

Changing Trends in ICT Use - A Generation Y Analysis Download article

Pages 17-36

Nikolett Deutsch

The Changing Role of Nuclear Power in the European Union: Reflections from Official Scenarios Released before and after the Fukushima Daiichi Accident Download article

Pages 37-52

Ireneusz Janiuk

Mergers and Acquisitions: Their Role in the Process of Diversification of an Enterprise Download article

Pages 53-64

Judit Szemán

Relevance of Capital Structure Theories in the Service Sector Download article

Pages 67-68

Lukasz Puslecki, Piotr Trapczynski

An Introduction to the Thematic Issue The Download article

Pages 69-84

György Boda

To What Extent is Hungary a Knowledge-Based Economy? Download article

Pages 85-96

Annamária Kazai Ónodi, Miklós Kozma

Challenges in Measuring International Strategic Performance in Professional Team Sports - Two Case Studies from Hungary Download article

Pages 97-108

Ireneusz Janiuk, Miroslaw Jarosinski, Natalia Ribberink

Internationalisation of Polish and German Furniture Manufacturers - Comparison of Different Internationalisation Paths Download article

Pages 109-118

Miklós Stocker

De-Internationalisation Patterns in Hungary Download article