Volume 14: 2018

Issue: 01

Pages 3-14

Csukás Máté Szilárd, Roland Z. Szabó

Factors Hindering Smart City Developments in Medium-Sized Cities Download article

Pages 15-25

Noémi Krátki, Roland Z. Szabó

Social Value Creation and Impact Measurement - What Do They Mean Exactly? Download article

Pages 27-36

Csilla Konyha Molnárné, Szabolcs Nagy

The Effects of Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions on Pro-Environmental Behaviour: How Culture Influences Environmentally Conscious Behaviour Download article

Pages 37-48

Anna Dunay, Saeed Nosratabadi

Challenges to Economic Upgrading of Iranian Economy Download article

Pages 49-57

Zsolt Pilhál

Special Ethical and Compliance Issues Regarding Property Valuation Reports: Applicability of Valuations in Responsible Property Investment Download article

Pages 59-67

Fabian Schenk

Impact Studies of Regional Effects of Research Infrastructures: Economically Concentrated or Multidimensional Download article