Volume 14: 2018

Issue: 02

Pages 3-13

Zoltán Bartha, Andrea S. Gubik

Institutional Determinants of Higher Education Students' International Mobility within the Erasmus Programme Countries Download article

Pages 15-24

Sándor Bozsik, Vladimír Gazda

Bank Domestic Outstandings in Central-Eastern-European Countries between 2008 and 2018 Download article

Pages 25-37

Renáta Géczi-Papp

Presentation and Testing of the Creeping Trend with Harmonic Weights Method in the Light of Sovereign CDS Prices Download article

Pages 39-55

Eszter Polonkai, Klára Szűcs Markovics

The Social Role of Intership Programmes in Reducing Migration from a County Seat Download article

Pages 57-70

Gábor Potvorszki

State Aid in the Visegrad Countries: Similarities and Differences Download article