Volume 16: 2020

Issue: 02

Pages 3-15

Mazen Bustanji

Testing Strong Form Market Efficiency of Jordanian Capital Market: Performance Appraisal of Mutual Funds a comparable study case with Saudi Arabia Download article

Pages 17-25

Ghayth Ali Jarad

The Role of Knowledge Management in Creating Competitive Advantage in Small and Medium-size Enterprises inthe Republic of Iraq Download article

Pages 27-40

Leanghak Hok

Competitiveness and government spending in Cambodia: An autoregressive distributed lag approach Download article

Pages 41-50

Mária Illés

The Positive Net Present Value of Loss-making Projects: Economic Content of the Two Internal Rates of Return Download article

Pages 51-60

Somayeh Kariman, István Kunos, Aigul Meirmanova

Green Economy Sustainability in the UAE and Agrarian Leadership Download article

Pages 61-68

Katalin Pádár, Béla Pataki

Rethinking Classical Precondition Formulas of Changes Download article

Pages 69-79

Dai Thich Phan

I have seen the future, and it rings - What we know about mobile banking research Download article

Pages 81-88

J. O. Saka

Human Capital Investment and Employment Growth in Nigeria Download article

Pages 89-95

Roland Z. Szabó, Borbála Szedmák

The Value Innovation of Symphony Orchestras and the Triggering Effect of Coronavirus Download article

Pages 97-102

Roland Z. Szabó, Márk János Tátrai

Digitalization, Quality of Life and Purchasing Power Download article

Pages 103-113

Cyntia Valociková, Jolán Velencei

How Did Reciprocity Evolve in Online Communication? Turnout of Reciprocal Altruism Download article