Volume 17: 2021

Issue: 01

Pages 3-13

Aigul Meirmanova

Technology Acceptance Model in an Environmental and Organizational Context (evidence from Kazakhstan) Download article

Pages 15-26

Iman Ajripour, Rosa Alamian

Comparing Green Economy in Iran with OECD Asian Countries by Applying TOPSIS and GI Method Download article

Pages 27-30

Katarzyna Appelt

Is utility a measure of commodity value? On two different approaches to the subjective theory of value Download article

Pages 31-42

Andrea S. Gubik, Ágnes Horváth, Mónika Kis-Orloczki, Katalin Lipták

The waste management sector of Hungary Download article

Pages 43-51

Somayeh Kariman

Usage and Knowledge of Technological Advances in a Multi-Cultural Country: The Level of Digitalisation in the UAE, Dubai Download article

Pages 53-65

András Kovács, Vanda Papp, Tamás Sikos T.

Panic Buying in Hungary During Covid-19 Pandemic Download article