Volume 18: 2022

Issue: 01

Pages 3-21

David Abonyi, George Abonyi

Appropriate Innovation for Asian Emerging Markets in a Digital World: A Strategic Framework Download article

Pages 23-35

Rosa Alamian, Károly Balaton

Management Challenges in State-Owned Export Credit Agencies in the 2020s; Case Studies in Iran and Hungary Download article

Pages 37-43

Zoltán Bartha

Same old story: Hungary's development over the 2000-2020 period Download article

Pages 45-59

Daniela Hadacová, Lenka Malická

Reward-Based Crowdfunding. How to Make it Work? Download article

Pages 61-74

Al Laheebi Ghayth Ali Jarad

Continuous Intention to Use Mobile Banking Apps: Empirical Study in Iraq Download article

Pages 75-82

Saleh Jawarneh

Determinants of Financial Performance of Commercial Banks in Jordan: Application of CAMELS Model Download article

Pages 83-91

Csaba József Kovács, Tamás Sikos T.

Changing in-Store Customer Behaviour in Hungary During the Covid-19 Pandemic Download article