Volume 3: 2005

Issue: 01

Pages 3-8

Lajos Besenyei

Interpreting a Regional Knowledge Centre Download article

Pages 9-15

Sándor Bozsik, Judit Szemán

Using VAR to Determine the Value of a Company Download article

Pages 17-22

Csaba Deák

Change by Successful Projects - IT and Change Projects in Hungary Download article

Pages 23-29

Gyula Fülöp, László Hernádi, Ildikó Perge

Enterprises in Hungary from a Global Perspective - The Examination of Strategical Possibilities and Threats Download article

Pages 31-35

Vladimír Gazda, Vanda Lieskovská, Marian Rimarcík

The Acceptability of Foreign Retail Chains by the Inhabitants of Slovakia Download article

Pages 37-43

Oto Hudec, Natasa Urbancíková

Analysis of Community Development Financial Institutions in the Slovak Republic Download article

Pages 45-50

Mária Illés

The Structural Problems of Pricing Approach in Hungary Download article

Pages 51-59

István Piskóti

Competence-Based View in the Marketing Theory Download article

Pages 60-64

János Szlávik

Sustainability Dilemmas of our EU-Accession Download article

Pages 65-70

Gizella Sikora Tóthné

Changes in Labour Market, Job Creation and Job Destruction from the Change of Regime till Nowadays Download article

Pages 71-74

András Vigvári

Financial Controls, an Old Function in a New Role Download article

Pages 75-80

Marián Gál, Tomás Sabol, Ján Vravec

Impact of EU Enlargement on Business Environment of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Slovakia Download article