Volume 4: 2007

Issue: 01

Pages 3-9

Károly Balaton

Expectations and Strategies of Enterprises in the Period of Joining the European Union Download article

Pages 11-15

Peter Bielik, Natália Turceková

Single Area Payment - as One of the Supports of Agricultrure in the European Union - 25 Download article

Pages 17-23

Éva Heidrich

Solitude Standing Coaching as a New Leadership Development Method Download article

Pages 25-38

Elena Horská, Iveta Ubreziová

International Management and Marketing in Regional Trade within V4 Countries: Focus on Slovak - Hungarian Trade Flows Download article

Pages 29-35

Mária Illés

Scinetific Problems of Modern Approach of Net Present Value Download article

Pages 37-41

Sándor Karajz

Genetic Algorithms as Optimalisation Procedures Download article

Pages 43-52

György Kocziszky

Chances of Convergence of the Region of Northern Hungary Download article

Pages 53-60

András Nemeslaki

E-business Diffusion in Hungarian SMEs: Challenges and Opportunities Download article

Pages 61-66

Erzsébet Noszkay

Nvos (Networked Virtual Organisations) and Other Forms of Networks Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Web of New Cooperation Forms Download article

Pages 67-73

Gerhard Pürstinger, Vincent Soltés

Foreign Direct Investments and Mergers and Acquisitions in Slovakia Download article

Pages 75-80

József Topár

Quality Management in Public Service Download article