Volume: 2007

Issue: 01


Éva Heidrich

Article title:

Solitude Standing Coaching as a New Leadership Development Method


Theory, Methodology, Practice







Leadership is lonely business. Leaders have always found themselves alone in time of crisis and when it was about making tough decisions. Coaching as a service is intended to decrease this loneliness with the appearance of a supportive partner, who is not there for professional advises but who is there with paying attention, with listening without prejudice and with asking questions in these hard times, thus developing the skills of the leader.
With the appearance of coaching as an activity in leadership studies many questions arise regarding its relation with HRM and leadership development. This study aims to define coaching in the broader sense and also emphasizing the differences from other leadership development methods, thus marking the distinct characteristics of it. Coaching is not only used in business. It is widely used effectively in other segments of life. However the present study is limited to define and characterize types of business coaching. Therefore this paper is laying the ground with defining the different coaching categories.

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