Volume: 2007

Issue: 01


György Kocziszky

Article title:

Chances of Convergence of the Region of Northern Hungary


Theory, Methodology, Practice







The period 2007-2013 may be of decisive importance regarding the social and economic processes in the region of Northern Hungary for at least two reasons. The first long-term development program (7 years) was prepared after the changes in economic policy of1989 in order to improve the competitiveness of the region.

On the other hand, the amount of the funds that can be called (as proved by the analyses) will facilitate to induce a demonstrable economic growth in the region.

The plans take a change in paradigm into account: the convergence of the region is planned to be based on creating and strengthening the foundations of a competitive economy.

If the political intention will back these efforts, it will be possible to stop the process of the region of Northern Hungary drifting towards the periphery that has been going on for two decades now, and there will be hope to establish a new expansion path.

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