Volume 5: 2010

Issue: 01

Pages 3-9

Lajos Besenyei

Places and Possibilities of Higher Education Concerning Life Long Learning (New Challenges - Change of Paradigm) Download article

Pages 11-17

Adrienn Erős

Long Run Growth Effects of Fiscal Policy - a Case Study of Hungary Download article

Pages 19-23

Ildikó Győrffy

Availability Ranking and Regional Disparities of the Transport Infrastructure in Northern Hungary Download article

Pages 25-36

György Kocziszky

Myth and Reality: Impact of Fiscal Transfers on Regional Convergence Download article

Pages 37-41

Tamás Mellár

What Do the Business Results for 2007 Reveal? A Macro-analysis Based on Company Balance-sheets Download article

Pages 43-49

Szabolcs Nagy

Functional Food Marketing - The Hungarian Market Case Download article

Pages 51-57

Péter Sasvári

An Empirical Study of the Development of Information and Communication Technology in Hungary Download article

Pages 59-65

Ana Sperancin

An Analysis of Diversity Management Through Cultural Dimensions Download article

Pages 67-74

Krisztina Szegedi

The Concept and Development Tendencies of Corporate Social Responsibility Download article

Pages 75-80

Eszter Siposné Nándori, Klára Szita Tóthné

A Regional Evaluation of Sustainability with Special Regard to Social Aspects Download article

Pages 81-84

Vyacheslav Tovazhnyanskiy

An Investigation into Methods of Restructuring and Reorganizing Industrial Enterprises Download article