Volume: 2010

Issue: 01


Szabolcs Nagy

Article title:

Functional Food Marketing - The Hungarian Market Case


Theory, Methodology, Practice




health marketing, functional foods, life marketing approach, death marketing approach, target groups, positioning strategy, market segmentation




In Hungary, a growing number of consumers have recently recognized the importance of healthy
eating habits in disease prevention. As health is one of the most important terminal values of
Hungarian consumers, functional foods are likely to have a bright future and their market is
expected to grow significantly in the coming years. In this paper, the main driving forces of the
growth of the functional food market, the consumption patterns of functional foods, up-to-date
product trends, the relevant marketing approaches, and the main consumer segments have been
identified. This paper contains empirical research findings on functional food consumption in
Hungary. As a marketing manager or academic, you shall find valuable pieces of information on the
segmentation, the main target groups and the most successful positioning strategies regarding the
functional food market in Hungary.

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