Volume: 2010

Issue: 01


Péter Sasvári

Article title:

An Empirical Study of the Development of Information and Communication Technology in Hungary


Theory, Methodology, Practice




information society, information and communication technology, ICT, economic branch, electronic presence, electronic marketplace.




As I could not find a reliable mathematical and statistical method for studying the effect of
information communication technology on businesses in the literature, I proposed a new research
and analysis method that I also used to study the Hungarian economic
An essential question for enterprises is what factors have an effect on their net income.. First, I
studied the potential indicators related to economic sectors, then I compared those indicators to
the net income of the enterprises surveyed. The data resulting from this comparison showed that
the growing penetration of electronic marketpalces contributed to the change in the net income of
enterprises in various Hungarian economic sectors to the extent of 37%.
Among all the potential indicators, only the indicator of electronic marketplaces has a direct
influence on the net income of enterprises. However, the effect of electronic presence is also
significant as it has a huge effect on the potential indicator of electronic marketplaces.
It was practical to determine two clusters based on the potential indicators. Eight economic sectors
have been placed in the first, while five sectors have been placed in the second cluster. Only the
money which is spent on professional training has a more significant effect on what cluster a sector
belongs to.

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